A Fortunate Runaway A New Amalgamator A Worthy Enterprise Ancient River Beds of the Forest Hill Divide Auriferous Gravels in Placer County, 1885 Auriferous Gravels in Placer County Bank Blasting California Gold Nuggets Cement Mining in Placer County,1867 Cement Mining in Placer County Dardanelles Electrics Drift Mining Forest Hill Divide Drift Mining Forest Hill Divide, 1978 Drift Mining in Placer Co., 1878 Drift Mining in Placer Co., Hogsback Mine Drift Mining in Placer Co. Drift Mining Operations Drift Mining, 1888 Early Hydraulic Mining Electric Power in Drift Mining Exciting Mining news Forest Hill Divide Mines   1866-1869   1870-1879   1880-1884   1885-1889   1890-1894   1895-1900 Gravel in Placer Co. Gravel Mining in Placer Co., 1892 Gravel Mining 1875 Gravel Mining Hydraulic Gold Mining, 1875 In a Drift Mine, 1890 In a Drift Mine, Red Point Iowa Hill Canal Iowa Hill District Mines of Eastern Placer County Mining at Dutch Flat and Gold Run Mining at Ophir, 1894 Mining in Central Placer County Mining in Placer County, 1867
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