State Mineralogist Reports

These are the Placer County gold mines for the period between 1888 and 1927. These articles were copied from “Reports of the State (California) Mineralogist”; these are a series of yearly bulletins published from the 1800 and 1900s. Brief definitions of most of the mining terms used is included as a separate file. The bulletins were writing by professionals with a geology background so be ready for geological terms. I tried to maintain the interesting mining terms, spelling, grammar and formatting from the past while removing any errors from copying the old documents and pasting them into modern formats.
Contents: Mining Terms     Articles from the State of California Minerologist publications:     Report Vlll, 1888     Report X, 1890     Report XV, 1890     Report XVll, 1921     Report XXlll, 1927                California Journal of Mines & Geology, Vol.32. The Ancient River Beds of the Forest Hill Divide History Prospector